Drumfunk dialed up to 11. Monochromatic rhythms dancing to a frenetic syncopation.

Before the advent of the Techstep incarnation of Jungle music, the Drum & Bass genre was primarily dominated by the overwhelming presence of the Amen break. Although breakbeat savants (e.g. Paradox, Breakage, Reso, Photek, etc..) always had a presence throughout its 30+ existence, it was never quite the same after the 2000s. You are more likely to hear the 2-step incarnation (with a sprinkle of breaks).


You will have genre breakers representing even when it is logically convenient. One such person is Poland native yankowsky, Monochrome Recordings’ label boss. The imprint’s ethos is an emphatic emphasis on the drums within the bass. Take your time and listen to the complexity. Episode 36, we enter.

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All songs released on Monochrome Recordings

1 The Drumkilla – Endless River
2 Spectron – Nemesis
3 Kybel – Hopeless
4 If-read – Flora
5 Lost-radio – Ptitsa-chaika Overdrive
6 Spectron – Mountains of Madness
7 Parallel – Amen Delerium
8 Rainforest & Akinsa – Defiance
9 Skru – Ran (Gred Lvov Remix)
10 No_Name – Society’s Victim
11 Mutants – Sayuri
12 Goreteks – The Terror
12 MAC-V – Feelings of Dissonance
13 Rez – Knowledge
14 Spectron – Shambhala
15 Space Depth – NGC 300 X-1
16 Mutants & Goreteks – Glamour
17 Rainforest – Brotherhood (martianMan Remix)


Monochrome Recordings

yankowsky – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 36


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