Theo Kovalev is the auteur behind the audio cinematic-style moniker, Wave Resistance. According to Google, Grey Area: an ill-defined situation or field not readily conforming to a category or to an existing set of rules. It is a polyrhythmic style that links the 85/170 and 128 BPM of drum & bass and techno. Wave Resistance’s sound is challenging and experimental. With music released on Eternal Turns and Abstrakt Reflections,  you can say his music is a derivative of that style but not the totality of the wide palette of this techno sonic tapestry.

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MixCloud Stream

Surgeon – Transparent Radiation
Akkord – 3dOS
Skee Mask – Autotuned
Silent Harbour – FEG Depth
Dadub – Temptation of Maya (Original Mix)
Monolake – Ghosts
Clarity – Cryptid
Owl, Dyl, ILL_K – Infinite Vision Of Space
ASC – Space Echo
Sam KDC – Atonement
Homemade Weapons – Mind Control
Logical Disorder – Orwell
Wave Resistance – Future Technologies
Bad Sector – Zvezdi

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Ricardo Gomez Angel @Unsplash

Wave Resistance – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 37

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