Love. The COVID-19 global pandemic is a monumental time in history where humans are faced with obvious frailty. The possibility of extinction never occurred to us until we see examples of chaos and death staring back at us. Not all is lost, however. Even during the bleakest of times, love is a universal language that uniformly persists. Simply, life moves on. I had a chance to interview Sasha aka protoU who has a stable and bonding relationship with Dronny Darko. Both are forebearers and torch carriers of the Dark Ambient genre. Musician couples are a fantasy for music lovers such as I, who never had the opportunity to be a relationship like this. Reality is theirs. What are the mechanics to make such a loving relationship work?

When I first heard about you and Oleg’s partnership, I wanted to get an idea of how stable relationships work in the electronic music world. First, let’s start off with this simple question. How did you both meet?
It was through a mutual friend of ours. I think it was a local d&b party. We happened to share the love for such music and soon started hanging out together in the same group of like-minded people.

How long have you all have been together?
We’ve known each other for 6 years. Been together as a couple for 5.

Would you think music interests were aligned first, then the natural progression into a relationship?
I think it’s, as usual, a mixture of both. And probably other things. We both still consider music as the most powerful driving force for us. It was like that in the beginning and still is for us.

Do you realize how fortunate you are to be in a loving relationship?
Hahaha well, we do not observe ourselves in a way that we are better or cooler than anyone else’s relationships. It’s a very abstract topic and most of the time something great is born from a pure happy coincidence. You just need to be open to it.

There are couples who are making ultimate compromises. Sometimes interests do not align at all, but they are pushed to make it work. Probably what I am alluding to is not fair, so let me re-phrase. Could there be different dynamics why people stay in marriages when the ultimate bliss is to be with someone that is a supernatural fit.?
It’s a very abstract topic and definitely varies from person to person. The only thing we believe in is that not everything should be calculated. Sometimes you need to let those slips happen. And that is okay to do. Patience, desire to be together and a pinch of magic should do the trick. Or not. It’s all in the hands of the Gods 🙂


Do you have any children together (with Dronny)?
Yep, we have recently become parents. Arnold is 1.4 years old now.

Referencing back to an earlier question. Hypothetically, if I were searching for love, and I happen to be infatuated with music far beyond the realm of mortal man; should I wait until I find someone that is has an equal desire for self-expression?
I don’t think music has anything to do with relationships and love. It might not even be ideal to find someone that loves the same stuff. I think it’s even healthier than you have different opinions on music and things in life in general. You might fall for something else that another person loves to do. Should you or should you not wait is totally up to you. The most precious things in life usually happen unexpectedly.

The thought of compromising would frighten me. Can you compromise if there weren’t any choices? Let me stress, that I’m not talking about an abusive relationship rather a relationship void of electronic music love.
Compromise always depends on the situation. Just don’t abuse it.

Relationships are like a tangled web, there is a chance that fate will forever change both of you for eternal bliss or wishing you can be released of an unloving situation. A complexity where (in the context of this interview) the opposite spouse is not a music lover. What advice can you give?
As I mentioned before music is not the defining factor. It’s just something you love. Like certain movies you enjoy or food you eat. You don’t look for a person that likes the same salad dressings to be your soulmate, right? Unless you put it upfront all the time. It’s healthy to have other interests, hobbies, dreams, etc. My advice is not to be afraid. Fear is the only darkness.

The dark ambiance of love. A pairing of devotion beyond notes.


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