For the beginning of 2021, Satori Minayia provided a mix that can only exist in another plane of existence.

── Introduction ──
We used to look up at the sky and wonder about our place in the stars. Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt, but imagine you could leave our reality and start your own journey, a mental exploration, through sound.

Elements, atoms, matter, energy, sound, notes… are the information that creates our environment, our world. This information can be generated by feelings, emotions; time creating ideas, thoughts… building places that you visualize as matter, atoms, elements, energy, or even landscapes, planets, and universes.

Undescribed dimensions.

Subconsciousness creates and expands the consciousness, these new and completely personal places generated through the interpretation of sound, music. Ideas and feelings create space and time, freedom to explore beyond our current world and knowledge, seeking impressions about distant or unseen locations, which are hidden from our current reality.

── I N T E R V I E W ──

You have been putting out some incredible mixes as of late. As an abstract artist, do you think that had has a helping hand in creatively selecting your tracks prior to the mix?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way of doing things, especially when it comes to creating music. I make these mixes to accompany me when walking or driving late at night and I encourage the listeners to hear them as a part of a walk in the forest or meditate with them and relax. Sometimes it helps when you have selected most of your tracks beforehand but sometimes this makes the trip so predictable. I usually choose some of the music and leave some blanks to be filled as I make the mix.

Techno is a very broad term for this particular segment of electronic music. In your opinion, what is the essential ingredient that makes a track a “techno” track?

Yeah, indeed it is. I tend to make more hypnotic ambient “techno” music. So in my case, I try to choose hypnotic daydream sounds that have that laidback relaxed feeling, a feeling of freedom.

What equipment did you use to create this 1.5-hour interdimensional journey?

This was made with Ableton Live, I used to record some of my prior mixes with typical MK2 equipment and Traktor but this was made with Ableton Live. I think it is not so much what tool you use but rather the goal you have and of course how you use your tools.

Your paintings are very specific in their intent to strike an abstract feeling of emotion. When covid-19 subsides, would you be interested in having a gallery exhibition?

I started painting not so long time ago. I wanted to cleanse from my inner self the idea of “right” and “wrong” and what they tried to learn me when I was younger, so making some abstract art is helping me do may seem abstract but it has a reason.
I haven’t thought of making an exhibition yet. I usually gift my paintings to friends and family or people that have a blank space in their room.

What are your artistic goals for 2021?

I’m going to release my new album at the start of the year. It’s going to be different from my previous one
but again it would have a lot of different elements and styles of music. I am trying not to make boring music.
I think that’s my prior goal. Thanks for hosting this. All the best for the new year.

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1 Ameeva – Ascension
2 Martin Goodwin & Infinity – Tracking
3 .Leafar Legov – Unreleased
4 Brando Lupi – Opal
5 Dycide – Suijin
6 Hydrangea – Lines
7 Dycide – Fluctuation – Claudio PRC
8 MTRL – Maze
9 Claudio PRC – Night Shift – Luigi Tozzi
10 Luigi Tozzi ‎– Wadjet
11 Lito – Hidden Shades
12 Aquiver – I found the love
13 Brando Lupi – Mutant Phase
14 Donato Dozzy – K3
15 ASC – Interphase
16 Kobarey – Orithyia – Daniel[i]
17 Bryson – Worlds Apart
18 A Sacred Geometry – City Of Ys
19 Sæbius – Thalle
20 Ameeva – Geosphaera
21 Leafar Legov – Melting
22 Jeff Taylor Cross – Ambient 02


Satori Minayia – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 51


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