Vykhod Sily label boss Rustee taking over this week’s episode. VS is a strong and powerful channel for releasing musical force both through their podcast and digital label.

Vykhod Sily Highlights:
• VS Podcast launched by Rustee (Special Request Crew) back in 2013 to push 85/170 BPM things.
• Airing every Thursday at mixlr.com
• A digital label launched in 2017 and focused on dark and deep 85/170 BPM electronica;
vykhodsily.net An underground music blog covering all the main social media platforms.


Since I have joined the SoundCloud mixCast community, I have admired your enthusiasm and output. Maybe it is the bpm, but Jungle/Drum & Bass has a knack for driving someone to do better. How were you initially exposed to Drum and Bass?

It’s all started back in 97-98 I think at age 14. Been living far away from the big cities so was always chasing for new electronic music in my small town in the middle of nowhere. It was a real struggle to find something really «underground». As for D&B, it was quite a hilarious little story about it. I came across the term «drum&bass» in one of the teen magazines. Yeah now it sounds funny but these magazines could probably be a source of the information needed at that time. I remember it said something about Goldie and Naomi. But apart from those gossips kinda thing I was hooked by the term itself. Pretty sure I had heard it before but still got no chance to listen to anything from it. And the chase began. The first thing I bought was a pirate compilation «The Essential Vibes Of D&B» with Deep Blue, Alex Reece inside. That’s was the beginning. After thrashing this tape to death I felt that I wasn’t into 4×4 kinda thing any longer. The only thing I needed was a breakbeat. As for the labels that influenced me heavily while I was a youngster, it was Metalheadz and V Recordings. So that’s how my d&b story actually began and I’m can’t be happier it still continues. 

Approach and Identity. The first words I read when visiting vykholdsily.net. How has Source Direct and similar artists(e.g. Photek) has shaped the way you approach your concept?

As I have said all 90’s Metalheadz stuff was my main inspirational source back then. Was a real fan of its visual and musical aesthetics. In addition to that all that martial arts and sci-fi things, I was into they also shaped my vision on certain things. I preferred it dark and futuristic with some jazzy flavour and weird at times to keep things fresh as for perceiving this music. That concept I took onwards to develop something new from those massive 90’s influences. It was that entire half-tempo thing in the first decade of the 2000s that hooked me instantly and which became a fresh air to me as a listener. So my approach nowadays is a perfect combination of old school and new school. Keeping the styles vary and still being true to the underground. Source Direct and Photek are my heroes with all those releases on wax I’m buying. It’s something I want to pass on to my next generation one day.

Eastern Europe and Russia at this point is the epicenter of experimental bpm activity. How did that happen?

That’s quite an interesting topic to think about actually. Let me focus on the Russian scene. In my opinion, jungle/d&b have never been the source music in Russia generally speaking and we don’t have it in our DNA or cultural code, so the artists from the edges of electronic music started to bring the elements of another style being pretty much influenced by IDM or techno into their own music where Drum’n’Bass can be also found. That outer influence has determined the experimental aspect of the Russian post Drum’n’Bass era. Bop’s music on Medschool is a vivid example of how finely executed his music can be with all that fresh and off-centre sounds. Or take Dissident’s tunes which are unique, he’s got his signature sound but his music is not a Drum’n’Bass in its purest form, it’s more of mutant electronica paced at 85/170. That specific experimental approach makes the Russian scene recognizable. All that Soviet synth heritage and retro-futurism also need mentioning in this context. Add the internet and new musical technologies to that and you will get a new d&b phenomenon coming from the Eastern block.

When I see award shows catering to the DNB community, sometimes I wonder that the gatekeepers do not realize that the scene is much larger than what they think. As a result, all the micro-genres within the 170bpm community are being left out. Although we don’t think we need to be recognized. However, do you think it is time for a more “critical” award show that emphasizes peer review instead of popular opinion?

Yeah, I see your point and it seems to be exactly so. But let those gatekeepers have it their own way. All those awards are just a formal way to feed someone’s ego. The true underground scene doesn’t have to follow that way to be recognized. The best way to keep it healthy is to continue developing our own communities and go interacting between listeners, musicians, and selectors. The fairest and honest reviews are coming from the inside and we take it further we can lose something really important about the whole thing that’s keeping us together.

Can you describe the mix you submitted for this week’s episode and the inspiration behind it?

My main inspiration is still retrofuturism and sc-fi. So in terms of sub-genres, the autonomic sound at 85/170 BPM serves these concepts nicely. Tried to put together just the tunes I have been feeling over the last years without going into darker corners (which I’m inclined to basically). Forward-thinking music on the cutting edge of modern 170 BPM electronica. Reflecting the podcast series name Phuturistic Bluez I tried to possibly interpret it my way and to convey to the listener.

As CEO of Vykhod Sily, I am amazed at how many guests you are able to attract to your channel. I can smell the drive and passion for success. Your time management skills must be on a super Saiyan level. Do you have the staff to assist you in your current endeavors?

Over the 7 years in operation, I had had around 300 guests or even more with all the underground vibes at 160/170 BPM and at lower tempos too. Finding new connections is what I’m really into so I’m taking control over the process. Most of the guests became my super friends over the years so we are always in touch. As for other aspects of VS, I felt I needed a few reliable guys to share some work with as the project been getting bigger entering the new quality levels. Talking about Vykhod Sily Recordings my fellow mate Eugene aka Virulent Green is taking care of technical issues, mixdowns, etc. dealing with the sound of our releases. As I’ve always been keen on visual and graphics I have been working with my wife Dasha (releases cover arts), Onis (podcast cover art, posters, etc.), and Yan Hirshbuehl (motion graphics, logo). Loving these people. There’s another person I’d also like to mention here. Anastasia is helping me greatly with content management on social media. Props to you guys, you know who you are.

My last question. If it isn’t obvious — will there be a Vykhod festival in the future?

Yeah, that’s been something I have always in mind. But decided to move to the goal gradually starting with some local events, and then going to other Russian cities (Moscow and Saint Petersburg) throwing parties there. And then London))). Thanks to my valuable connections over the years it’s more than possible to run a night there. So VS is a global thing that is constantly developing and growing. So the VS festival is a quite possible thing. It’s just a matter of time.

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1 Klute – Arboretum
2 Synkro – Luminous
3 Om Unit, Kid Drama – Untitled 1
4 James Lewis – Triangle
5 dBridge – Average Echo
6 ASC – Fall Into Place
7 Simstah – Oblivious
8 Sorse – Clouds
9 Displaced Paranormals (feat. HEFT) – Eclipse
10 OpenEnd-Empath
11 Coerce- Memento
12 Crypticz – Last Night I Wanted…
13 dBridge – Climb Together
14 Jaskin + Uneven – Lost Ends (Lewis James remix)
15 Synth Sense – Tomorrow’s World (Indigo Remix)
16 Driftsystem – Willow
17 R.hitect – Assise
18 ASC – Euphony
19 Rainforest – Firefly Sanctuary
20 Kodama – Silent Stream
21 Lemna – The World That Is Made of Fluid Particles.
22 Sunchase – Keyring
23 Synth Sense – Breathe
24 Method One – Symbol #5.2
25 Theme – Passage 9
26 Flatliner – Music For Computers (And Other Sentient Beings)


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