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An interview with Ro.

Can perfection in craftmanship be had when you eliminate distractions such as facial recognition during a private moment or public harassment? The artists that had success in zealous privacy (Sade, Daft Punk, etc..) seem to excel in art way beyond their peers. What truth do you see in this?

All those artists have a unique style. You can easily recognize their signature sound. To enhance their performance, they even created unearthly-like characters that play music. Full combo. But of course, maybe they want to protect their privacy so that they can live a fuller life. I wouldn’t be too thrilled if anyone were watching me 24/7. Without any safety precautions, there will be consequences.

As a performer that is still honing their craftmanship, what challenges do you envision on your DJ journey?

Without challenges, life would be boring. Of course, in my case, I still need to figure out how to work all the knobs. Without prior knowledge of its usage, I have chosen Pioneer DDJ 200 as my starter, it’s small-scale with all the essentials built-in.  It’s useless, to be honest. So this will be my main challenge – to learn and feel the set. I would like the end result to flow smoothly like a sharp knife.

As an experiment, I have been researching the idea of a genderless system where the lack of pronouns would eliminate certain biases. Do you think the playing field can be equal when such a system is in place?

I always said that people shouldn’t harm anyone for what they like to do. Overall we should live in a society where you can frame everything you do with passion, then you can be judged accordingly. Unfortunately, that is not standard practice. For example, the great artist Yayoi Kusama had to fight for a place in modern art, just because of the historical patriarchal hierarchy. Art should always be genderless. It is a unique language that can speak for itself.

What is fascinating about Drum & Bass is that it finds you. You do not seek it. Usually overheard from someone’s car or you were hanging out at a friend of a friend that happened to have Goldie playing (accidentally) on a random electronic Spotify playlist. How did you discover this genre?

Aaaah, back to my teenage years, my best friend came to me with some new music. I never heard anything catchy like that before. Of course, it was Aphrodite, Roni Size, Counterstrike, and other legends. We listened to it for some time, but after a few years, I lost track of it. As soon as I moved to the capital (Vilnius), I was exposed to it once again. Good ol’ times! During my first Drum and Bass event, I ripped my shoes from dancing. What a hectic night!

There is a global phenomenon that is happening during this pandemic. You would think it was Covid-19. However, the glaring spotlight is on “nutritional insecurity” Meaning, there is a hunger-obesity paradox that has come to light. People are eating retrograde processed food to feed themselves and their families. Do you see this phenomenon in Lithuania?

It’s not the biggest issue in Lithuania. As a country with a developed small factory culture, people eat healthy food here. Honestly, we don’t have much retrograde food. We have problems that take precedent.

The indirect reason I poised the last question was that Drum & Bass community as a whole is not taking their health seriously ( IMHO). Although I do not have proof of this, I suspect the recent deaths of a couple of our music legends are a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. What solution do you think we can take as junglists to push that message of proper nutrition to prolong our creative longevity?

First of all, you have to learn to love yourself. Make yourself the priority. No one can help you if you’re not going to take care of yourself. The majority of the time, my soulmate and I create and make conscious choices about the food we eat. + I gain clarity and expand my creativity from my love of cycling. Haha, while cycling to work, there is a billboard, that says “Active people are happier” and it’s true! I always try to stay more active than just sitting on the couch. Otherwise, I would be depressed I guess. Aaah and another thing is good sleep. Less sleep makes you feel anxious and frustrated.

There is a feeling that you can’t shake as a former A&R such as myself. I can tell throughout your mix judging by your selection that if you were to take production seriously, you could be a force to be reckoned. Are you planning to make that leap soon?

I guess I can take a crack at it. I don’t wanna push it. First of all, I need to check out some tutorials to understand that playground. I’m very interested, but it will not be that easy to grasp.

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Kodama – Polar Circle
RQ – Tombstone Chips
Amoss – The Antidote
Homemade Weapons – Nabilone
Entire – Taura
Loxy & Resound – The Silent Knight
Forest Drive West – Prism
Felix K – 11 Block Girl
Eusebeia- Transmute
Berences – Prism
Alg0rh1tm & Ghoulcut – Left Out (Original Mix)
Halogenix – Bitter
Conspired Within – Artifact
Blocks & Escher – Jimmy
Cirrus – Lost Heart



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