Stygian Gray is a Planetary Scientist and Astrophysicist. In the midst of a deep slumber, he heard a loud ping. He intercepted a strange transmission from the vastness of space!

Amundsen–Scott South Pole, Antartica, Earth. 2038

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The preceding text was garbled. Undecipherable. The following were the partial transmissions intercepted.

[….Instead of a collection, they will be called “missions” This is a “world” vision. In this world, they are many aspects of being inside. We need food (energy drinks to keep us awake), clothing (t-shirts to start), we are already in a shelter (the Lea’ll).

We have traveled from the year 5,430 A.D. (Terran).  We have folded space via many galaxies. So we have reversed not progressed in years. 

We need future music to keep the crew motivated while on our mission.

We have discovered that Terrans use a primary machine-based communication vehicle called the internet. Since we can relate to machines, we will use mathematical based languages for translation purposes.

We have evolved on this planet beyond the need for vocal cords. More than likely, to keep our conversations private, we will communicate by telepathy.

We must discuss our vision in 2 phases in order to cultivate this planet.   

Clothing is a necessary component that covers the fragile skin of this planet’s carbon-based life forms.  They have succumbed to societal pressures of not being in the “nude”. We need to separate. We need to be the “one”.]

A space programme or a coded manifest?


I am the proxy of this digital sovereignty.

Category: Sci Fi Short