We march onwards towards podcast series No. 4. Rules need to be broken for the sake of advancement.


paracusia, or auditory hallucination, is a form of hallucination that involves perceiving sounds without auditory stimulus. A common form of auditory hallucination involves hearing one or more talking voices.

For this episode, PB was provided a special 105 minute exclusive set of experimental treats mostly by the artist known as Paracusia. Drum & Bass is a not-so-hidden secret within the vast electronic field; however, with all its variety, it is the knack for experimentation is why it has stubbornly remained relevant. In addition to the mix, Paracusia agreed on a simple Q+A format.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from outside of London but I grew up in Cornwall. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a variety of places so far in my life and recently (after living abroad for 8 years) I have been back in the UK (living in the countryside near Bristol), for almost 3 years now.


A brief explanation of your journey that led you here.

Music-wise, I DJed from the age of 15 or so, I found refuge in dance/electronic music in the ’90s and went clubbing and taught myself to be a capable Vinyl DJ.

Mad times! I was 19 or so when I found myself a solid DJing residency and was warming up for Moving Shadow/Reinforced/Rugged Vinyl/Metalheadz/Cert. 18/Goodlooking artists….etc.

I was quite naive and starstruck and clearly quite blessed to be around that scene and the prolific artists of that time.

If it’s electronic music of substance then I’ve always been a fan, regardless of the genre but early Jungle, DnB was my greatest love.

I felt the genre went stale and got appropriated pre-millennium, it wasn’t until early 140 sounds emerged and I recognised the strains of dub/garage/techno and jungle etc within this new form that I felt galvanised to make my own music.


What have you been up to?

Well, I only tentatively dipped my toe in the Bristol scene when returning to the UK just to see what would happen and now a lot has happened in a very short timespan. I’ve had gigs in Bristol and up north and abroad (in Croatia).

Much love to Medika (of Noise Test fame) for enabling all of the above and providing a kind of tireless energy and enthusiasm for this corner of the scene (and new blood and their creative output).

There’s so much music penciled for release and 2 eps and a single out already. Off the top of my head, there’s at least several more coming later this year and the start of the next, including remixes and several releases on physical formats as well, which is a nice bucket list moment for me as I grew up Djing vinyl and making Mixtapes.

My first EP was released on a relatively new imprint called Mask Music, that’s several tracks that I still enjoy and have had solid DJ support from some of my fave selectors.

There’s a single called “coming to terms” available on the Ronin Ordinance label compilation Genso vol 1.

I’ve heard Vol 2 and it’s SOLID, I cherrypicked some absolute beats for my DJ sets from that.

I have an EP called “Under the Ice” on a label called Danger Chamber, that’s got a remix I did of an emerging artist called Tuscan on there that I’m very fond of, and also plenty of diverse solo material from myself.

Actually on that same imprint I did a remix of a tune called “Elder Jedi” by an OG junglist called Skru, that was a random linkup as our sound is HUGELY different, but I love Star Wars and original Jungle sounds so there’s no way I wasn’t going to have a crack at that.

I’m totally happy with it but I hear it’s a bitch to mix, so apologies to all discerning selectors out there!

I have a 7 track EP on Seattle based Onset Audio which features more original material from myself and a remix of one of mine by an artist called Homemade Weapons who is also from Seattle. That whole EP started with just one remix of a tune called “Born Backwards” by alg0rh1tm and then evolved into an extended EP. alg0rh1tm and I also collaborated on a tune called “Lost” on there.

That’s out literally today as I type.

Next up is a collection of 4 tracks that I’m really fond of for a label called Regression Media based in London, that EP is called “Empty Zones” and will be with us very soon, check my social media for updates or follow Regression media. That release may be coupled with some cool merchandise for Bandcamp I believe.

The vinyl releases and other various remixes, collabs etc I won’t comment upon until they reach completion, anything can happen so we won’t count eggs til hatched but it’s all looking very healthy so far and sees me being released alongside/collaborating with artists I’ve admired for a long time.


What are your plans for the future?

I have a quite personal EP that I plan to self-release on Bandcamp.

I have more gigs coming up with some of my favourite labels and artists, in the meantime, I’m enjoying the exposure and feedback from the initial naive efforts I’ve let go to various labels.

I’ll always keep learning and try to really crank things up a gear production-wise for 2020.

I’ve also found several kindred souls and our collaborative efforts seem to be pretty effortless and with solid results, so I’ll definitely keep bouncing ideas of off those people, if they are reading you know who you are and I’m glad to have found you all, you all really inspire me. X

Some of those collab tracks feature in the mix I’ve prepared but mostly it is 85% my own productions inside.

Any curious parties are welcome to PM me for a tracklist but for now, I’d like to let the mix be heard as one coherent wall of sound/showcase of what I do, (and a lush journey/ from A to B)!

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The following tracklist contains sensitive information from the not-so-distant future. As a precaution, PB decided to redact the list.  Inverse consequences would occur if exposed.


████████ – ████████

████████ & ██████ – ███████

████████ – ████████

████████ – █████

████████ – ████████

████████ – ████████

████████ – ████████?

████████ – ███████████

████████ – ████████████████

████████ – ████████
████████ – ████████

████████ – ████████

████████ – ███████

████████ – ██████

████████ & █████ – ████████

████████ – ████████ (████████ Cover Version)

████████ – ████████(████████ Remix)

████████ – ████████ (████████ Edit)

████████ – ██████

████████ – ████████

████████ – ████████████████

████████ – ████████

████████ – ██████

Current Releases:

Primordial Skies EP

Under The Ice EP

Genso Vol​.​1 (Coming To Terms)

Dark At The Closing EP

Equipment used :

2 x Technics Turntables
1 x Average and nondescript old stereo mixer
1 x Laptop + Old Serato package and plates

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