We have reached the seminal episode number TEN! To celebrate, PB invited the adept Ukrainian dub master for sixty-nine minutes of manipulating and reshaping.

“Music is about devotion, and knowing when to be free”
-Leonidas Kavakos

For M-Eject, music will always gain his deepest devotion.

His career as a musician began in the late nineties with the legendary club “Jeevot” in Kharkiv. His approach to musicality is a blend of cosmopolitan Berlin and Detroit’s electronic underground with the soothing warmness of Deep house. After many years behind the decks, his desire to protect his sound remains unwavering. Throughout his career, M-Eject learned how to capture and retain his followers with his hand-selected track selection and story building.

A resident of the following labels: Pollux Records (Germany/Greece), National Techno Records (Russia), City Life Records (Germany)

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Altone – Solar System
Monodisc – Your Eternal Gaze
3Voice & Wosui – Night Light Dub ft. Cynic Al (Original Mix)
Aepiel – To Improve The Human Condition
Joergmueller – Ftv#5
Krisz Deak – Journey (Original Mix)
Alexander Wirth – Maya w/ Osscuro
Basicnoise – Loop 3 (Edit)
Krisz Deak – Fazer (Havantepe Remix)
Twin Peetz – Refresh
TM404 & Echologist – Ground Clouds


M-Eject – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 10


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