In 1996, after a lucid dream,  the rationale for my brand identity came to fruition.  This was not a fly by night process. It was well thought out and thorough. This is the story of immaculate perception.


The squiggle lines that connect the 2 circles of the bottom “P” and the upper “B” respectively are Resistors. The most fundamental of circuit components and symbols which are usually represented by a few zig-zag lines, with two terminals extending outward. The circles themselves are considered voltage sources.


The bold square border depicts the circuit path. Thus, a “Closed” circuit. What happens when you “Make or Break” the path? Well, you “Make” a circuit by closing the current path, such as when you close a switch. (Break)ing a circuit is the opposite. Opening a switch breaks the circuit. An “Open” circuit.

Make or Break

Phuturistic Bluez is a circuit board designed for circulating audio waves and information continuously.

In the end, PB will always choose the (circuit)path of most resist(ors)ance. It will either make(the circuit) us or break(the circuit) us!

Concepts of a circuit board.

Logo Rationale. The PB brand concept.


I am the proxy of this digital sovereignty.

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