Junky Palms, the enigmatic producer is everywhere and nowhere.

“I’d always liked to read, but when I picked up books I wasn’t getting the same kind of excitement from them that I was from going out clubbing. I wanted to get the same kind of feel.”
– Irvine Welsh

Junky Palms’ origins are just simply hard to nail down.  Nevertheless, his core essence of being is Mancunian. He simply states: “I create an image of what I am inspired.” If you carefully take a listen to any JP single, the influences are there if not obvious.  Notwithstanding, Mr. Palms is a respected figure within the Future/Dark Garage matrix. With its nocturnal beautification—offbeat 2-step rhythms and warped vocal samples that navigate rhythmic obstacles. The essential imageries are all there, but within the palms (pun intended) of this maestro, each tune has its own distinct raison d’être. The audacity to dare.  Although he is relatively new to production, PB wanted to probe deeper into the process with an even combination of standard and in-depth questions.

The image was taken from the Junky Palms video “Artificial Inspiration” 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Maybe a self-Introduction to the readers?
Hell, I’ve never done an interview before and I don’t know what people say in such cases. I’m just a guy who loves to make music!

How did you get started in production?
It was a long time ago, in brief, I grew up in the community where everyone was on move, someone rapped, someone painted graffiti, someone made breakdance – in a word, it was hip-hop. I went this way from rhyme to beat, from beat to breakbeat, and further to the dark side of music.

What attracted me to your production was your absolute disregard for the so-called Future / Dark Garage copypasta breaks, which has become commonplace. Where did the ¾ time signature (offbeat breaks) come from?
To be honest, everything that is perceived as my personal style is actually an echo of weak skills and a lack of understanding of how to create a groove. I did not do it on purpose, but over time it was turned out quite interesting and I fell in love with this sound.

I’ve noticed you have done quite a few collaborations. Are you seeking constant synergy (what another producer can add to your ideas)? The situation seems ethereal.
In a cult Russian film called “Brat”, the main character tells his friend «What is power? “Power is in the truth”. And if someone asks me this question, I will say that power is in collaboration.
Progress is among the most interesting parts of making music, and when we get outside our room, think out-of-the-box, start working with friends and people around the world generally, we are developing much faster! It’s also my trick for being motivated because I often pick up amazing sounds and then lose interest, so I really like to give tracks’ stems to my music mates and enjoy the magic when I get the finished track back.

I am going out of a limb and guess that you are a natural extrovert. Even when you answered me through the SoundCloud DM, I can feel your enthusiasm.
Is your production a true reflection of who you are?
I cannot attribute myself to either extroverts or introverts. I love creative people. If a person is a creator, I treat him well by default. I like conversations about interesting things, after which something is created — and I hate empty and useless talks.

Are vocals necessary to carry a tune? What are your thoughts?
There are only a few things without which I can not imagine my tracks: vocals are among them! Lyrics aren’t always important to me, but I care about vibrations first of all.

Since you are an Irvine Welsh fan let me segway into Trainspotting territory. Have you met him in person?
Unfortunately, I haven’t. Irwin is one of the greatest men in the whole world! And this world is ruled by random, and I hope that someday I will meet him in a British pub and we’ll get a couple of pints together! Also, I heard he has moved to California, so there is only a little chance.

Have you met characters that were described in his books like that in your life? It’s not far-fetched to believe that is true (I can hear it in your songs). Am I right?
Oh yes and yes one more time! Perhaps that is why these books resonate with me so much. In Welsh books and Danny Boyle films, I feel mine and my friends’ experience, our fates.

Any plans for the future. Touring anytime soon?
No, no tours yet. I’m just a no-name artist now, and there will be no tours until I fix it on my own. Talking about performances, the best that will be is a private small show for my close friends on New Year’s holidays. Also, I have a dream to release my tracks on vinyl and I plan to do it very soon by myself. That means that all the tracks that are now available on my Bandcamp page, will be issued on physical media as well!

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Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre
Glue by Irvine Welsh
The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson
Go Now by Richard Hell
The Half Brother by Lars Saabye Christensen


25th hour
Trainspotting 2
One Eight Seven
Reservoir Dogs
American History X

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