Organic Deep///Sound from Ikiryō.

Nothing is known about these living spirits from the techno-tribal lands. Fortunately, this author is a cybernetic being who has the ability to travel into another cosmic construct. The following excerpt was taken from Earth-616’s cyber-wiki archives.

The Drum & Bass record label Kunurgu present Ikiryō. According to mythology, the Ikiryō does not bear any grudge or poses no real threat. In recorded examples, the “living spirit” sometimes takes possession of a listener’s audio frequency for motives such as love of breakbeats and tribal infatuation. The Ikiryō sound may also leave the body (often very shortly before the end of a track) to manifest its presence around loved ones, friends, and/or acquaintances.

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1 Shiken Hanzo – M’Baku
2 Ikiryō – Yokubō
3 Ikiryō – Numachi
4 Shiken Hanzo – Mutant Love
5 Ikiryō – Seven Principles
6 Shiken Hanzo – Reaper Death Seal
7 Ikiryō – Ukāru
8 Shiken Hanzo – Shuhari
9 Ikiryō – Shoji
10 Shiken Hanzo – Sohei
11 Ikiryō – Restraint
12 Shiken Hanzo – Spear Of Bashenga
13 Ikiryō – Kurīpā
14 Shiken Hanzo – Quantum Realm
15 Akinsa – Feathered Serpent (Ikiryō VIP)
16 Shiken Hanzo – Sacred Knowledge of Vibrations
17 Ikiryō – Kyokotsu
18 Shiken Hanzo – Warrior
19 Ikiryō – Suizen
20 Shiken Hanzo – Yari


Artwork: “Big Five: Rhino 2”
Artist: Robert Chew

Ikiryō – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 59


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