Duchess Of Dub offers an emotional mix expanding the boundaries of space and time.

No stranger to the world of electronic music, The twice Sask Music Awards nominee, Duchess of Dub has been deeply rooted in the Canadian electronic music scene since the early days. Her grace has 2 free albums in Bandcamp and hundreds of podcasts around the net with Dub Techno being at the center.

Episode 15 offers both an intricate imagination and visual realization into the realms of Dub. It is the story of the enigmatic Saturnian Titan and its landscape.  Or is it Earth in the year 2040?


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1 Marko Furstenberg – Intro
2 Deepchord – Wind In Trees
3 Brother Blue – Summoning UFOs
4 cv313 – Seconds To Forever (extended live excursion) 1
5 Mr. Cloudy – icwn
6 Doyeq – Part One
7 YWF – Cutoff (F’s Re-shape)
8 Monodisc – Thoughtless Sleep
9 Michal Wolski – Sunyata
10 Aquix – Puticuna
11 Thomas Carmody – So What… (Original Mix)
12 STL – Checkmate (Original Mix)
13 STL – Dub Techno Explorations Part 1 (Heavenchord Re-shape)
14 Space Of Variants – Where The Old Men Leave
15 Reestar – Nis
16 Schultz Audio – Audition Coloree
17 Soundbrey – Coffee Shop
18 Monodisc – Your Eternal Gaze
19 Joergmueller – From The Vaults #2
20 Variant – Enchanted

Pioneer Dj Rekordbox & DDJ- RZX controller decks.



Image Caption:
I am a carbon-based lifeform at the edge of a lapidarian shore. Glaring at the precipice of liquid methane infinity. Pondering. Am I a Titanian or a Terran?

Lobostudio Hamburg @ Unsplash

References for further reading on the relationship between Titan and future Earth.
The path towards ambiguity and uncertainty for future generations depends on what we do now.


Duchess Of Dub – Phuturistic Bluez Episode 15


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