Dronny Darko is Oleg Puzan, one of Ukraine’s best kept musical secret.

Forging the matrix with his aural universe, carved in the darkest roots of drone, he released on various obscure web labels like Petroglyph Music and DNA Productions. His music gained worldwide recognition in 2014 with the album: “Outer Tehom” on the label Cryo Chamber.

Since then, he released four other solo albums. From bottomless black rituals to highly detailed sci-fi nightmares, establishing this artist as a prominent figure of the genre. Oleg doesn’t hesitate to often reassess himself to avoid the redundancy, often found in the dark ambient/drone sub-genre. It is this state of mind that has driven him to collaborate with many like-minded artists from the outset, such as Ajna, SandSpace or Alphaxone, RNGMNN, Ugasanie, or even his partner in crime and life protoU.

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00:00 Dronny Darko & protoU – Singularity [ 2045 AD ]
04:31 Alphaxone & Dronny Darko – The First Convolution
10:12 Dronny Darko – Circuits
16:03 Dronny Darko – Arctic Pollen
24:22 Dronny Darko & RNGMNN – The Engine Room
32:31 Ugasanie & Dronny Darko – In the Polar Sea
39:46 Dronny Darko – Electrical Membrane
47:55 Dronny Darko – Vapor Swamps
56:01 Dronny Darko & RNGMNN – Incubation

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Equipment used:
Ableton Live 10, Novation Launchkey Mini, Sennheiser HD 650, Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6, iMac

Dronny Darko – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 2


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