dreadmaul is a DJ and producer for voodoo sounds from Wiesbaden, Germany.

Ecologically driven. Dark grey sound palettes. Futurescapes into unknown realms. Envision a monochromatic collage of a haunted forest injected with a sparse population of cervine skulls. The breath of snowflake ash falling from the sky as you easily inhale the sulfuric smoke for sustenance; the sound of unprecedented access to a soul-searching ritual and prognostication of techno-driven voodoo music. While Darth Maul (no relation) was a formidable warrior strong with the dark side and deadly skilled in lightsaber combat, dreadmaul is a very introspective individual who shares his superpower of geographic education and electronic music production for the next generation of self-aware carbon-based lifeforms.

From a satellite image of Wiesbaden, you can see a lot of greenery especially to the north of the city. Do you think the natural surroundings have a direct effect on your production?

To be honest, I only been living in Wiesbaden for a little while. Nevertheless, the occasional visit to the forest is a great pleasure and inspiration. As a youth, I spent a great amount of time playing in the forest with my friends, so I felt like there was always a subtle connection. The real and obvious influences come from my studies as a geography teacher, especially field trips and excursions. The time I visited northern Scandinavia to measure tree rings as a course in the university has made a big impact on me and my music. I am not a “nature boy” in any sense, but when I am out there I feel a highlighted sense of connection and curiosity.

Out of curiosity what music you were into before the discovery of Drum & Bass?

Growing up I made my journey through lots of different genres, coming from new metal, to reggae, to hip hop, and eventually, I found trip-hop. Massive Attack and Portishead had a big impact on me, along with obscure compilations (from Russia I think) I got from the depths of the internet called “femme trip-hop exercises”. Experimental music like Björk and Amon Tobin often were in heavy rotation, too. The first EP I made (for myself, never released) was a mixture of trip-hopesque songs and experimental drones. From early on I tried my hands on beat-making and I still am part of a hip-hop band called “Sinuz“, where I am on synth and sample duties.

I had a conversation with 1 of our contemporaries about the possible destruction of our planet within the next 500 years. Judging human nature, we will not solve the climate crisis and already many species are extinct. I believe we should immediately conduct a search for a hospitable heavenly body. What are your thoughts on this?

As a geography teacher, I am very aware of the threats of climate destruction and extinction. But I am also hopeful because humans found ways to survive in poor conditions for quite a long time now and the increase in activism and ecological actions in recent years gives me a bit of optimism. I also get the human desire to colonize other planets, which would be inevitable on a cosmic timescale, but I find that it is often understood as the “easy” way-out instead of taking care of possible short-term solutions for this planet (which we evolved on!). Regarding recent advances of the now-richest man on earth, I am very much on the team “Don´t believe the hype”, but I am very much looking forward to what technological advances will be made in my lifetime.

I found out from my past experiences, that many artists who use dark palettes for their look, tend to be the most cheerful and optimistic. Does this ring true for you?

As for most people, I think it is a whole palette of tones. I would absolutely say that I am a humorous person, for example, I am enjoying the occasional verbal skirmish with my friends or stand-up comedy shows a lot. But, to be very honest, I also have a tendency to fall into a melancholy or light depression at some times and I find it hard to resolve or even work on the emotional issues I have deep down. I often notice the importance of friends and social life to lift the spirits. It is a great feeling to be part of a community like the bass music scene over here. To notice that you´re not alone with your strange preference for shuffled breakbeats and dark atmospheres. I really like being with like-minded people and joking around with them. So, in conclusion, I feel like it absolutely does ring true for me.

What equipment did you use to compose this mix?

I mixed it digitally with the Traktor Pro Software, controlled by a custom-made mapping on my Maschine Controller.

What do you have planned during and hopefully after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Because the situation is changing a lot with the mutations and so on I am trying not to get my hopes and plans up too much. I very much hope to be able to visit some festivals in the summer, although during this pandemic, I found a new appreciation for club nights and parties, so I am sure that I will get out more than before. Regarding my music I am working on a bigger project, that I don´t want to give too many insights into yet. I also hope to finish my eurorack plans and maybe even be able to play a gig with it, but I hope the pandemic doesn´t take that long 😀



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