be myself nd accept the nonsense. Cigarettes after Seix – Jenni Hgrnn Please be advised some of the lyrics contain explicit language. YouTube HD Version: Download Episode Tracklist: 1 Marcel Khalife & Mahmoud Darwish – Ahmad emerges from the ancient wounds 2 Myalo – Korg Volca Keys 3 Lumisokea Dervish – Dervish Live at Worm […]

A fresh vinyl-only mix by RJC2  Play. Loud! YouTube HD Version: Download Episode Tracklist: Loefah – The Goat Stare (DMZ) SP:MC – Vintage (Sentry) El-B – Amazon (Tempa) Moving Ninja – Murky (Tectonic) District – Inorganic (Chestplate) Macker – Isolation (Macker) Youngsta – Poseidon (Tempa) Wen – Commotion (Keysound) Pinch – Get Up (Tectonic) ID […]

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (“dark-bright”, “negative-positive”) describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. Meditative yet space-age music composed for the year 700,000. This is what Houstonian Jerry Davalos AKA Yin Yang Audio had envisioned at the onset of his exciting expedition into the realm of Electronic Music. He had […]

Phuturistic Bluez’s SoundCloud has now reached 300 subscribers!  As the brand grows (organically) and methodically, we can also grow in confidence. Maturity and growth is a normal outcome of persistence and tenacity. Although it is a tumultuous time, miracles can happen. Tiny victories can be had.  Thank you to all those that believe in us. […]

“Satori – in the awakening from a dream.  Awakening and self-realization and seeing  into one’s own being – these are synonymous.”   – Bruce Lee YouTube HD Version Download Episode Tracklist: 1 Heavenchord – Never Ending Road 2 Pablo Bolivar & Dactilar – Krampf (Ambient version) 3 Calibre – Sand Promise 4 Organit – Unseen […]

HAKKURAI gave us an emotional mixed composition stricken with verbose audio calligraphy; ergo, a haiku for the 20th episode. Vibration felt by Violet sunrays Solitude Facelessness is freedom. YouTube HD Version: Download Episode   Tracklist: 01 MRKRYL x Sorsari – Wait & See 02 HAKKURAI – Night Despair 03 Resonata x c a l i […]