Vykhod Sily label boss Rustee taking over this week’s episode. VS is a strong and powerful channel for releasing musical force both through their podcast and digital label. Vykhod Sily Highlights: • VS Podcast launched by Rustee (Special Request Crew) back in 2013 to push 85/170 BPM things. • Airing every Thursday at mixlr.com • […]

A 2-hour trek into an unknown intergalactic aural dimension. Transonic space folding by Quadrant Soundscape. YouTube Stream  MixCloud Stream Tracklist: Rhythm & Sound – Roll Off (Rhythm & Sound) Unknown Artist – Sailor Dub Sound (Echo LTD) Giriu Dvasios – Verkia (Dub Vibes Volume 2) Unknown Artist – Communication (Echo LTD) Rhythm & Sound – […]

A storm of audio sword formations by BCDJ. YouTube Stream: MixCloud Stream: Tracklist: 1 BCDJ – Baiyoke (VIP) (Tech Time) 2 The Untouchables – This Generation (VIP) (Samurai Music) 3 Reisin – Knossos (Tech Time) 4 ROHO – Akuma (Weaponry) 5 BCDJ – Redo (Tech Time) 6 BCDJ – Undo (Tech Time) 7 Ahmad – […]

In 1996, after a lucid dream,  the rationale for my brand identity came to fruition.  This was not a fly by night process. It was well thought out and thorough. This is the story of immaculate perception.   The squiggle lines that connect the 2 circles of the bottom “P” and the upper “B” respectively […]

rar·e·fied /ˈrerəˌfīd/ (of air, especially that at high altitudes) of lower pressure than usual; thin. distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people. “debates about the nature of knowledge can seem very rarefied” Amsterdammer Fuj presents a mix in conjunction with his new EP release called “Rarefied”. The release on his new label EMBODIMENT […]

Sorse. Dresden, Germany. Atmospheric Music. Watch on YouTube Listen on MixCloud Download Episode Tracklist: 1 Sorse – Skizze [Unreleased] 2 Christina Vantzou – Little Darlin Seize the Sun [Kranky] 3 Young Echo – Here [Young Echo Records] 4 Kinlaw – Rake [Haunter Records] 5 Synth Sense – Symbol #9.2 [Auxiliary] 6 Sorse – Photon [forthcoming […]

This episode, we are going industrial-strength with 竜 YouTube HD Stream MixCloud Stream Download Episode ▼ Tracklist: LEVL- Nullpunkt 3 Motive Power – Dissolve Last Life – Target 07 Scalameria – Tainted Voltage Motive Power – The Hunt VSK – Pendulum Overlook & Karim Maas – Chalk Brenecki & Kamikaze Space Programme – Karabash Lemna […]

This episode features conscious:mind a.k.a. Stijn Witman. He is a founding member of the ease up^ collective based in Leipzig, Germany. The collective promoted events and publishes collab-mixes called meet up^. YouTube HD Version Download Episode Tracklist: 00:00 Instra:mental – Hunter [ Soul:r] 03:12 Forest Drive West – Inverse [ UVB-76 Music] 06:36 No Matter […]

This week’s episode is a long-read of the deep. Sonically and in the literary text. Veteran playmakers lurk in the shadows. They put in the hard work and they go on an experimental odyssey of audio art actualization. They are not flashy, but they matter in the dystopian age of instant hits. The counterbalance is […]