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Interview | October 2, 2019

Welcome to the Phuturistic Bluez Podcast.  Do you want to do a self-introduction?

Hi, my name is Denis, I am an amateur electronic music producer from Subotica, Serbia.


How did you get started in production?  I would gather it was through djing? 

I was already mixing for fun at home for a year or two, and back then I had trouble finding the sound I was looking for. Discogs was pretty windy at the time, on Youtube, you could only find the popular stuff, the only source where I could learn about new music was via internet radios, so I decided to try making my own tunes that could fit the vibe of the other tracks I was spinning.  This was a good notion, but obviously, it didn’t work that way. 


Did it hit off right away? I’m sure the struggle as a new producer is either that you had the inherent talent or it took time through repetition and experimentation.

Well, my music was very weak, and it didn’t sound even close to what I aimed for, so that was a downer, but I enjoyed spending time with production, very much.  A little bit later, somewhere in high school’s second grade (in 2007) I joined the youth program of the local FM radio station as an audio technician, where I gained some sound montage skills, and later on, I fused this experience with my production techniques, and I have created some of the program’s themes, jingles, background instrumentals and so on. At that point I didn’t want to just make similar music to what I’m listening to, I became more interested in experimenting with techniques, and just going with the flow. 


Interesting. Personally, it would be hard for me to gather inspiration alone. I would have to capture the essence with like-minded people when I have writer’s block. You have a lot of members in your collective. How did you all organically grow?

Somewhere in 2008, we got an opportunity from the station’s management to start working in night programs. On those shows we were able to go as wild as we wanted, we started to do live mixes, we invited local DJs for guest mixes. Somewhere in the meantime we joined forces with GhoulCut and formed Sojber.corp which was the name of our group where we organized events all over the city. Later other members joined our group (Geroxy, Aktto, and dPekt), and together we had loads of gigs all around North-Serbia. We hosted a local underground event series where we brought together DJs from different scenes, and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. 


Great stuff. When did your window of opportunity arrive? 

 I can’t recall correctly how it all happened but fast forward to 2011, and I guess via the combination of Soundcloud, some forums, social media, and radio show chatrooms, I got in touch with a guy from New York, who planned to start a label, and he wanted to sign some of my works, but first, he wanted to meet IRL. So the guy started a tour around Europe, he came to my hometown,  we had a gig together and had fun, a week later he went back home, and we haven’t really spoken again, so I lost a lot of my enthusiasm, but I kept working. 


Well, that stinks. I am sure it wasn’t intentional. Not everyone is a futurist. 

However,  one of the DJs from our event series under the Drum:R pseudonym got interested in my works. He told me that he and his friend who produced as Crocodile Tears made an album, and they want me to do a remix for one of their tunes. I made the remix, and my first appearance as alg0rh1tm on Black Planet Records was born. 



Yes. They were quite happy with it and asked if I want to make an entire release, so GhoulCut (he used the maD pseudonym back then) and I have made our first collaborative LP, and released it on Black Planet in 2013. I was quite happy with it, and I got invited to a Facebook group, with lots of artists from all around the former Yugoslavian regions, where I got in touch with Level, who is the head of Hi Headz. He asked me to do a release for his label, and I did that. I released Continuum, a 3 tracker solo EP there.

In 2014 I got an invitation to Mike Stern’s Electronic Propaganda radio show to record a guest mix. This was huge for me because I liked his show very much, and this was my first opportunity to show my selecting and mixing skills for an international audience. I have done the podcast and later I did one more for the Selection Sorted team from Hungary. Around that time I found myself in the Autonomic:Minimal○LowEnd:Frequency group on Facebook, where I got in touch with a lot of amazing people, like Rustee from the Vykhod Sily series and Dyl, who were super kind to me, and they helped a lot with spinning my tunes in their mixes and they gave useful tips on my music and by being realistic and telling me if I should or shouldn’t approach the labels I had in mind with my demos. At the end of 2014, I sent my first demo to DubKraft, and a year later I was featured in the Neoterics EP. As they say, the rest is history. So in a nutshell, it took me about 7 years to send my first demo.


What a journey!  After 5 years, How do you feel about submitting your music to your interested imprints now? 

I struggle with the demo sending subject ever since, to be honest. :D. 


Oh really? 

Nevertheless, I do not stress about it at all. If the music is good, it will find its home at the end of the day, and if it’s not… ideas from it can be probably recycled for something else, or it can go down the drain completely. It doesn’t really matter if it gets released until I have fun creating and listening to it.  


That is a great attitude.  What are your plans for the future?

My main plan for the future is to keep doing what I love and to collaborate as much as possible, with like-minded people.

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Recorded October 1, 2019, in Serbia.


01 Dettinger – Oasis 1 [Kompakt]
02 Helm – Eliminator [Pan]
03 alg0rh1tm – Waves of Delusion [Ground Mass]
04 Projekt22 & Deaf Ray – Seek Assistance [re:st]
05 Central Industrial – Integration [Auxiliary]
06 Sum One – Oblivion [Planet Mu]
07 Teebee & Calyx – Pathfinder [RAM]
08 Dailiv & Cryptographic – Stator [Vykhod Sily]
09 wb41 – Daisy [Self-Released]
10 Island People – Distance 7 [raster]
11 2814 – 悲哀 [Dream Catalogue]
12 Boards Of Canada – Music Is Math [Warp]
13 Biosphere – Black Mesa [Biophon]
14 Unknown Artist – Untitled
15 Skee Mask – Session Add [Ilian Tape]
16 Objekt – Deadlock [Pan]
17 Portishead – Machine Gun [Mercury]
18 Graham Reynolds – Darkly Mix (Jack Dangers) [Lakeshore]
19 Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – Murder Amongst Mannequins [Denovali]
20 HTRK – Blue Sunshine [Ghostly International]


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Equipment used:
A borrowed Traktor Kontrol S4 from Ghoulcut
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alg0rh1tm – Phuturistic Bluez Podcast Episode 3


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