About PB

The Phuturistic Bluez journey was uncertain.

2003, I decided to stop the self-inflicting injuries. Frankly speaking, I was hurting the brand. The business took a nose dive towards the abyss. Hardly anyone was buying the singles. I sheepishly relied on a few individuals, but they parted ways and went into another direction. Either they had family commitments or they simply lost interest.  The majority of the demos I received were unsatisfying. The relationship with my distributor was fragile. I have no idea what I am doing.” I should quit.

As you might have guessed, PB is admittedly part of my soul. Highly personal.  I have made some terrible mistakes when the brand and concept came to me in 1996. Since that time, I’ve made a series of missteps. Looking back, it was my bad habits that caught up to me. Namely not taking an organic business building approach; rushing to become “big”; not understanding that the long, methodical way often pays off in the end. As a matter of fact, to become a successful music entrepreneur, you have to develop many revenue streams to keep the concept afloat. I went through a long period of murkiness and self-denial about my lack of self-sacrifice. All this time I didn’t know why I lacked the motivation to progress after it shuttered. I didn’t know this until recently, but I was in a depression. A grey cloud constantly over me for the last 15 years. “I’ll get over it”. “I can go on with my life without doing Phuturistic Bluez again”. “It’s just a moment of time that didn’t work out”. NO. That persistent nagging feeling of “what it could have been” obviously never left.

When I decided to the podcast at the end of September 2019, it was on a whim. The idea came about because while I was learning how to code, the Buddhafinger mix series called “Interstitial Explorations which was and still is an impeccable and consistent body of work. For some reason, I was able to focus and get work done. Wow! I pondered, this Dj “gets it”. Of course, music is subjective. In my humble opinion, he ticked off all the boxes of what I would want to hear in a mix (no matter the genre).

One day during a brief period of deep introspection, I realized something.  “This person was the old me”.  I would take the time to take care of the music I selected for the record label. I would be selective on what Djs I would hire for the past weekly club events. In essence, what Eric was doing is what I used to do. There is someone out there who puts the care, dedication, and most crucially, THE PASSION to see it through. Random thoughts came thereafter the revelation. “How did I fall off?” , “Why am I staring into blank space?”,  “I’m not moving from where I was”.

Conclusion: an illogical regression. It was time to wake up from my deep slumber and try again. WAKE THE “F” UP! LET’S GO! Put the plan into motion. Find out how I can get back on the wagon. Let’s think. Hmm.

Record Label

Relaunching a record label is out the window because from what I learned in the past, to do it right, you need at least another person to help with accounting and marketing.

Club Events

I’m aged out. Middle-aged man trying to convince young ravers to stay up in the wee hours of the morning. The optics are just not attractive. If I was a club owner that is one thing; however, the constant bustling and social mingling of the club promoter is just… Handing out free drink tickets? No.


You know what? Why not replicate Buddhafinger’s music template? Let me start Phuturistic Bluez as a guest mix podcast series. Similar to the iconic “Resident Advisor Podcast”. The starting point does not have to be deep. Just a simple idea. So I decided to ask the Dj I have been listening to the last couple of years.   Buddhafinger was the first one I approached (nervously, I may add) to ask for the guest mix. Thankfully, he was gracious enough to help me with my first episode. For episode 2, Dronny Darko does not exactly fit my music criteria for this podcast series, nevertheless, I used to listen to his dark ambient music during my late-night coding sessions. I figured I asked him for a guest mix. Surprisingly, he was very responsive and submitted a mix for episode 2 immediately. Some of the DJs I followed on SoundCloud I also approached. Learning from the past, I pivoted slightly and decided to try a more incremental approach to find guests that would fit my ethos. According to the book “Atomic Habits“, you need to apply 1% improvement daily to realize the entire goal.  So I reverted back to episode 1 and took a look at the producers that were featured in the mix and directly asked them through the SoundCloud DM. Namely Alg0rh1tm and from his podcast episode’s tracklist, I approached another producer named Spinnet.  Slowly but surely, the Phuturistic Bluez Podcast series’ fan base is growing at a slow, but organic pace. A pace I need to stay on for quite a while. Ever tweaking. Making tiny changes as I go on. A Logical Progression.

I will dedicate the time to writing featured articles and in-depth interviews in the upcoming year. I cannot until I become a software engineer. This will take time, but I know I will find a position eventually. It is because I now have something to strive for that I didn’t have before. Simply put, Phuturistic Bluez. The podcast series(hosted on SoundCloud), the music magazine (interviews, featured articles at this blog) and crucially my future web development position plays into the short-term plan. I am now comfortable containing PB at a micro-level. Running it as solopreneur.


Making a contribution to the music scene without the stress of needing to commercialize the iconic brand that I have.
Thank you for supporting Phuturistic Bluez. I will be back in the swing of things sometime next year. For now, enjoy the podcast series. This is the best I can do with my limited time.

Kind Regards,

The first podcast episode submission for the revamped Phuturistic Bluez on Discogs. Click on the image and it will take you to the page.